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At our initial meeting we will begin with a few questions in order to best fulfill the objective of our meeting which is to explore fresh approaches to some of your communications, marketing and training programmes.

From there, we will share with you some of our successful programs that address at a high level the challenges and pain points that your organization is experiencing. If any of the programs have captured your interest we can then move to the next stage of providing you with a live demonstration followed by an analysis of the results achieved for a number of actual client uses cases.

The next stage would include a scope of work (SOW), project planning process and budget review.

Your Success Is Our Success

The majority of our clients become long-term clients. We are ‘tied at the hip’ so to speak, to make our clients projects a success. Our guarantee of success for your projects will ensure we have a long-term business partnership with your organization.

What Can I Expect After Requesting A Meeting?

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and speedy communication. With that in mind, we aim to respond to your communications within 1 business day. From there we will work together to see if a discovery meeting is the next step and we begin by scheduling a meeting with all of the stakeholders.


For 20 years Silver Creek Media has been setting the pace in the industry. With a combination of exceptional project management and an extremely talented team, Silver Creek Media has produced many exceptional projects. Silver Creek Media supports its client’s goals through its guarantee of project success.

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