Online Marketing

88% of consumers research online first before making a purchasing decision. Because of that, our online marketing strategy solution will help you capture the online audience’s attention, provide them intelligent value-driven options, and constantly connect with them by establishing a well-oiled lead generation and converter engine.


Get found, Get noticed, Get leads! We commit to provide you with tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, social media management, and customer service in order to maximize your business goals.


Our system will help you build your brand awareness, giving you more site visitors that we will transform into leads, and leads to happy brand-champion customers.

We make this possible by tailor-fitting our marketing process to your brand story. We will conduct a collaboration meeting discussing your insights on the following: discovery, proposal presentation, statement of work (SOW), project kick-off meeting, work back schedule, Assigned roles & responsibility, measurement/analytics for success, and project debrief.


Search Engine Optimization

Bringing you to the people that need you the most. Connect with the right person, at the right place, at the right moment. Through our SEO techniques, your site will reach very specific traffic based on your qualifications – leading you to the pool of prospective clients that will soon be part of your sales.


All successful marketing ventures must be data-driven. Using our world-class analysis system, you’ll be able to understand and gauge your marketing efforts in order to improve your SEO and marketing campaign performance.

Among the information that will help you grow your online marketing, website and social media management, are the following:

  • Visitor geographical origination
  • Technology – computer or smartphone / tablet
  • Length of visit
  • What are they reviewing
  • Call to action – are they filling out a form or calling Suggestions for improvement

Social Media

Social media is one of the strongest channels to start your campaign. Through our effective tools – Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Training – we will be able to craft a vast, powerful, and impactful social media presence.

1.Social Media Monitoring – With our Social Monitoring services, we will be able to handle “low hanging” engagements to observe, listen, and give a go signal as to when and where is the best time to engage. Social Monitoring features the following:

  • Find and manage Twitter followers
  • Provide “generic” content to supplement internal content
  • Manage “generic” conversations
  • Facilitate conversations that require your input
  • Monthly report, measures and recommendations

2. Social Media Training – With our 4-part training that is custom-tailored with your organization’s needs, we will be able to utilize your team by utilizing every role so your social media presence will be more effective. 


Our company has more than 10 years of experience in managing and staging events. During this period, our clients including Boehringer Ingelheim, Ontario Government, Roche Pharmaceutical, Arkadin, and many more – have regarded us as a reliable, resourceful and innovative events company not only because of our team’s expertise but also of our esteemed digital media equipment used to upscale the quality of our services:

  1. Onsite audio visual production, encoding, and webcasting
  2. Green screen studios
  3. Hybrid staged events (studio and online)
  4. Professional services

We provide content that leaves a great influence and effect on our target market. With our pool of solutions, we aid marketing, public relations, internal communications, and investor relations professionals reach with their respective crowds, reveal and work on their pain points, and champion a significant business impact.

Our events are exclusively conducted in our own studio, conference centers, hotels, studios, and client’s plant and office locations.