Online Marketing



Monthly website traffic analysis, reporting and recommendations:

  • Visitor geographical origination
  • Technology – computer or smart phone / tablet
  • Length of visit
  • What are they reviewing
  • Call to action – are they filling out a form or calling Suggestions for improvement

Search Engine Optimization

Through SEO techniques the site will attract very specific qualified traffic as per the client specifications and will be more effective at attracting prospective clients seeking to purchase your products and services.

We accomplish this by optimizing your websites content through relevant & traffic-rich keywords. The client will supply a list of phrases that their target clients may use to search out their unique offerings.

Social Media


We know that you and your team are the best resource to interact with your customers and prospects in an authentic way. Our ongoing Social Monitoring service allows for us to handle the “low hanging” engagement and to listen and notify you for when and where it is time to engage. DELIVERABLES:

  • Find and manage Twitter followers
  • Provide “generic” content to supplement internal content
  • Manage “generic” conversations
  • Facilitate conversations that require your input
  • Monthly report, measures and recommendations


Social media is a very important part of your online ecosystem. We believe that by training your team to utilize social media better, your online presence will be more effectively utilized. We have a 4 part training series that is custom tailored for your organization if required.

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