We are truly excited to present our new and enriched website – offering redefined appearance and enhanced user-friendly functionality for sleek, easy, and information-driven navigation.

Like an excited, newly born butterfly out of the cocoon, Silver Creek Media, Inc. lavishly spreads its wings to take pride in its newly espoused beauty and grandeur.


PARADING OUR VIBRANT WINGS – BLUE. GRAY. BLACK. WHITE. Symbolizing tranquility, honesty, precision, and clarity. We are true to our brand story. As media and communication experts, it is important for us to make the information regarding our Company and Services easily perceived and understood.

Our goal is to deliver our client, partners, and stakeholders the most accurate and most current updates; hence, in the new design of our website, we provided a more straightforward and concise description of our story and services. We also enhanced visuals for easier navigation – making sure that our services, portfolios, testimonies, and contact information, will be easily seen, navigated, and examined by current and potential visitors, clients, and partners. Ultimately, we wanted to make sure that our story and branding are like a pair of butterfly wings – not just strikingly beautiful, but also captivating and provocative.


BEAUTIFUL AND CAREFUL METAMORPHOSIS – Did you know that a caterpillar has to go through the struggle of going out of its cocoon, before being successful in becoming a full-grown butterfly? It is a test for itself in order to make sure that its wings are strong and ready to take flight.

Silver Creek Media Inc, previously named Pure Fire Communications, Inc., started its humble beginning two decades ago in a small place in Toronto catering small to medium scale video production, web designing, and online marketing projects to local clients. Just as a caterpillar has to go through the season of waiting and building its cocoon, the Company also went through the slow and long process of perfecting its craft and refining its passion in digital media, communications, and webcasting services. And after two decades, the Company now prides itself on being transformed from a small local boutique into an international service provider and video production company, now known as Silver Creek Media, Inc. – a full-grown butterfly.


INTERTWINED PARTNERSHIP OF THE BUTTERFLY AND THE FLOWER – Butterflies and flowers enjoy the enchanted relationship of helping and sharing. Silver Creek Media, Inc. and Intrado – Formerly known as West Corporation and INXPO Webcasting Services, the largest digital media company providing leading webcasting and virtual environments – shares the same symbiotic relationship as that of the butterflies and the flowers. Because of this, we became Intrado’s preferred partner, and have been their leading reseller in Canada over the past 8 years.

We have formed seamless client service relationships with leading technology platform service providers and strategic specialized skills partners to ensure our clients receive the premium and effective service they deserve.


TRANSFORMING AND EVER-CHANGING – For two decades, our passion for being the herald and champion of our client’s brand and story have evolved together with the advancement in communications technologies. We are an evolved, improved, and awesome media production and management company providing dynamic, captivating, and innovative webcasting, podcasting, video production, and other services media solutions and contents throughout Canada and the USA.


CARRYING AND HELPING SMALL PLANTS, FRUITS, AND FLOWERS TO PRODUCE NEW SEEDS – Right now, we at Silver Creek Media, Inc. provide an avenue to grow local talents – Producers, directors, sound technician, IT developers, customer service, and support. We also support the local economy by providing top-quality services to small, medium, and large businesses.

Throughout our history, we have completed projects for large companies and local governments such as Ripple, Bombardier, BMO, Staples, Citrix, Ontario, Toronto, Peel Region, and some select groups of amazing growing clients, to name a few.


Metamorphosis isn’t just a few stunning physical transformations. It’s an astonishing display of organic development mechanism at work – it embraces the painstaking struggles towards satisfying success. And finally, the transformation comes to its culmination if the transformed is also to cause and bring about transformation in others.

About the Author: Peter Germanese

Peter is a goofy fun loving developer and marketing expert. When Peter is not busy on Silver Creek Media projects, he is working for clients globally through his company Good Marketeers.


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