Experience how our high-quality web events with crystal-clear audio,
video & slides at any scale adds value to your enterprise.


The age of globalization opened up a whole new meaning of network connection, and with the constant evolution of communication technology, getting the information you need on demand, any time anywhere, has become part of everyday life.

Our customizable webcasting solutions will easily help you set up and host enterprise-quality web events at any-scale without the expense or hassle of a traditional webcast production. Stream crisp and quality audio and video, share animated slide presentations and nurture authentic engagement with your attendees.

Create Anticipation

Project management

  • Collaborate with our experts – plan and establish the foundation of your production.

Design and create webcasting console

  • First impression last – our customizable 3D booth will help your event become aesthetically appealing

Create Excitement

Email Invitation, Reminders and Advertisements

  • Spread the word – entice your audience to attend.
    • List speakers & credentials
    • Compelling abstract
    • Teasers about surprises
    • E-Mail announcement
    • Video teasers
    • Post on internet forums & social media

Call to Action

Registration & login pages

  • Prepare an easy-to-navigate landing page in order to concert interested parties into active attendees – our team makes sure to leave a good initial impression to your attendees by not giving them a headache in the registration process

Pre-Event Preparation & Run of Show

Speaker onboarding & training

  • Lack of coordination makes successful virtual events impossible. We ensure that all speakers are well oriented with our technology, and are given the best practical tips on how to go about the webcast.
  • Real-life stories
  • Startling statistics
  • Surprising facts & quotations
  • Pre-planned “seed” questions

Rehearsals & run of show reviews

  • Making your content relevant & memorable to the audience by keeping it as perfectly executed as possible.

Real Time & Post-Event Support

Live Day Producing & Support

  • Webcast without hassle – We’ll handle the technicalities while you focus on sharing your brand story

Live Q&A & Polling

  • Embed live chat on your webcast in order to allow real time questions, live-audience polls, and votation to increase your webcast engagement.

GAMIFICATION – We boost the overall aesthetics of the webcast with gamification, or application of game-like functions and elements – points and leaderboard (if the webcast would include games segment), status HUD (count of current attendees, etc.), badges (for titles, ranks, and recognition), and lot others.

Post event Reporting

  • Create instant post event reports through our comprehensive analytics

CE certification

  • Enjoy the benefit of CE Certification for your attendees after running your webcast

Third Party Integrations

  • Embed your third-party software and functions into our system to maximize the experience of your brand thru your production


We apply best practices & our experience to help you host a compelling theatrical online event that will leave a lasting impact on your audience members and help you to achieve your presentation goals. Further, we provide A1 equipment and devices in order to provide you top-quality webcasting production.

  • Intrado studio expert & essential webcasting
  • Intrado VE expert & essentials online virtual environments
  • Onsite encoding technologies
  • Green screen studio technologies
  • 4K camera gear
  • AI close captioning

Our Previous Webcasting Projects:

  • Marketing presentations
  • Sales meetings (SKOs)
  • Conferences
  • Online trade shows
  • Investor relations


  • Top 100 financial corporations
  • Financial & investment institutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance

What Our Clients Say

“The accolades are still flooding in today… now global head of education and training is calling this the best practice of the year. And wants to feature it on the global internal collaboration site.”

“Our teams are really gelling! Thanks for the partnership :)”

“You guys did a great job on these platforms, it’s unfortunate that we didn’t have the same experience with your competitor.  If the current situation with Covid-19 continues, we will be working with your team again in 2021.”

“That’s amazing, your team did a masterful job! As always.”

“First, you and your team are wonderful.   M. and I are already thinking where else we can use you with our upcoming events so your relationship with our company. Is hopefully only just beginning.


For over 10 years we have guaranteed a harmonious working relationship and overall client satisfaction with our clients. The confidence they have entrusted in us is the fuel that drives our engine of excellence and precision. Trust and relationship is the key to this experience