So, here we are, 18 months into the pandemic and finally, there may be some light at the end of this long tunnel. As restrictions are easing, event professionals are starting to plan live events again and looking at what the world of hybrid events look like.

So, what are hybrid events anyway?

Hybrid events combine in-person and virtual experiences as it includes two audiences – onsite and online. The big question is how do you ensure your audience is engaged while attending virtually as both audiences need to be able to participate and be engaged from the onset. Hybrid events are not vanilla experiences…they are dynamic, interactive and immersive and provide all the same opportunities for attendees, sponsors, employees and investors. Virtual events can engage online audiences through polling, surveying and gamification as many platforms track and monitor participation and success metrics. Just like at a live event, the level of engagement can measure up as virtual events have proven to increase participation and interactivity. 

Virtual and hybrid events can have a huge impact on generating sales. The ability to connect and set up meaningful sales meetings are often easier virtually than in-person events. Prospects are gathered in one virtual location and one click away. One of the best parts of hybrid events is the ability to personalize and customize the experience, making you feel like you’re attending a live event. Virtual exhibit booths, networking lounges, sales breakout rooms and tradeshow floors are just some of the components of virtual events. With various platforms and streaming options available, there are solutions for all types of events and budgets. Like all events, you need to develop an event strategy that works for your audience. 

It’s important to understand your objectives, demographics and what elements you need in order to engage your audience. Consider where the event is located and if the same content needs to be shared online, allow your guests to access the content easily. Think about how you want the audience to consume your content, whether live, semi-live or on-demand. 

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About the Author: Reid Savein

Seasoned Business Developer, Sales Activator and Revenue Generator, having spent most of my career in Agency life providing clients with an array of Event, Marketing Services, Digital and Tech solutions. I'm in the business of creating long-term, win/win partnerships and business synergies which result in more business, better communications, corporate growth and profitability.


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